Wednesday 28 Jul 2021
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30 Days of Prayer (Download Prayer Guide)

In the thirty days you will be engaged in a focused time of prayer for our friends and loved ones that need Jesus.

Many of us have brothers, sisters, moms, and dads that do not yet know Jesus. We all have colleagues and friends that do not yet know the Lord.

We have been given the privilege of prayer and authority in Jesus to come against those things that may be keeping our loved ones, our friends, and the lost from knowing Jesus.

Some might be thinking, “I just don’t know if my friend is reachable.” “They seem to be so far from God.” Let us begin our prayer journey with the words of Jesus found in Mark 10:27: “With God all things are possible.” God can remove the barriers that are keeping your friend from him. The Holy Spirit can soften your loved one’s resistance to the gospel message. Imagine your friend or loved one hungry for God, hungry for the Word of God, hungry for the kind of life that only Jesus can give.

These next thirty days you are going to ask God to break into the lives of those closest to us. You are going to ask God to set our friends free from the influence of the evil one. You are going to pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work, convicting of sin and bringing many to the only one who can bring forgiveness and new life.

May your priority for these next thirty days be to pray fervently for your friends and loved ones. Let us also pray for the many in our city that need to know the Lord. And for the people groups that our congregations are seeking to share the gospel with.

Please see in the appendix at the end of this booklet some suggestions for effective prayer and guidelines concerning fasting and prayer.

30天的祷告 (下载祷告指导)

接下来的30天,你将专注于为需要主耶稣的挚 爱亲友们祷告。

我们当中许多人的兄弟姐妹、父母亲仍未认识耶稣,也有许 多同事朋友还没信主。

然而,因着耶稣,上帝已经赐给我们权柄,在祷告中得以抗 衡那拦阻挚爱、朋友和失丧者认识耶稣的势力。

有些人或许认为:“若我的朋友不为所动呢?”或“他们拒 神于千里之外。”那让我们以耶稣在马可福音10:27的经文来 开始这祷告之旅吧:“在神凡事都能。”不管是什么原因让 你的朋友拒绝神,上帝都可以挪走一切拦阻。圣灵可以使你 的挚爱心变柔软,向福音敞开。试想:若你的朋友渴慕神, 渴慕神的话语,渴慕耶稣改变他的生命?何等美好。

在接下来的30天,你将透过祷告祈求上帝进入你所在乎 的人生命中;祈求上帝将他们从恶者的辖制中释放出来;祈 求圣灵动工,使他们知罪,使更多人认识那赦免人、赐给人 新生命的主。

愿你在接下来的30天中火热迫切地为你的朋友、你所挚爱的 人祷告!也让我们一起祷告这城市中更多人认识主,也为城 市中我们教会各会众设法要得着的民族而祷告。