Wednesday 28 Jul 2021
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40 Days Bible Reading (中文请按这里)

What is this 40 days of community bible reading experience?

We are so excited that we could launch this exciting revolutionary new bible reading plan to prepare our members for Easter. Our senior elder Jon Davis would like everyone in BICF, especially the small groups to join in this quest to read through the whole New Testament and discuss their insights with others believers during these 8 weeks.

Every day we will read about 10 pages of the New Testament from ‘The Books of the Bible, NT’ and listen to the sermon series on Sunday. The Books of the Bible, NT doesn’t look like a “normal” Bible. There are no chapter and verse numbers. No study notes or cross references. No red lettering. It is designed to be read from start to finish. Centuries of artificial formatting were stripped away, leaving behind nothing but pure Bible text in a presentation that’s easier to read and understand.

The books are put in a more natural order. For example, Luke and Acts were originally two volumes of the same work, so it’s placed next to each other. Instead of reading Paul’s letters from longest to shortest, you’ll experience them chronologically (arranged in the order of time).

So how does it work?

1. Get together.
Your small group can read the entire New Testament in eight weeks. This guide has everything you need to prepare for the journey.

2. Read whole.
For the next eight weeks, you’ll read a completely different kind of Bible. You’ll read whole books—not just bits and pieces. By the end, you’ll have read every word of the New Testament.

3. Discuss.
Each week, you can meet as a small group to discuss what you’re reading. They’re an opportunity to share how the story is impacting each person—what inspires, surprises, puzzles, or challenges us.There’s no homework—other than keeping up with each day’s reading. And you don’t have to do any advance preparation to facilitate weekly discussions.

Small Group Leader’s Guide
Reading Plan
More Resources

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Bilingual English & Chinese

Print copy - 30RMB per copy
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