Tuesday 26 Jan 2021
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Small Group Finder
  1. Small groups are a wonderful way to meet new friends and to find like-minded people who worship the Lord. BICF encourages all its members to find a group which is the right one for them. This is an important decision so you are encouraged to take your time and research all the options. Location will be important but so will the group that you choose. Above all, we would want you to feel comfortable so that you can further your faith in a supportive environment. If you find that your original decision is not the right one for you and your family, no-one would be offended if you looked for an alternative small group within BICF.

    To start the process of finding the right group, we need you to fill out the form below. If you need any advice or assistance, please call BICF on 8454-3468 or email smallgroup(a)bicf.org.
    *Due to local government regulations, the Fellowship is open to foreign ID holders only. Thank you for your cooperation!

    Registration Form to join a Small Group

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  9. Nationality or Foreign ID 国籍/境外身份证(*)
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  10. Are you a Christian? 你是基督徒吗?(*)
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  11. Language proficient in 用何种语言交流(*)
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  12. Which Sunday service do you mainly attend 在主日参加哪堂崇拜? (*)

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  13. What is your preference?

  14. Day 周(*)
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  15. Type of group 特定小组(*)

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