Wednesday 28 Jul 2021
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Men's Ministry

Strength for Life’s Journey

At the BICF we would like to come along side you in your Life’s Journey Doing life well is a lot like backpacking through the mountains. There are three important rules to remember when hiking: Pack your backpack wisely, never hike alone and finally treat your injuries. Whether going on a weekend hike or walking through life’s journey these three principles still apply.

Packing your backpack. Choosing the right items to put in your backpack will determine your endurance for your journey. Only a fool would head for a mountainous hike without food, water, matches, tent and last but not least a map.
At the BICF we would like to help you pack your backpack with the right kind of equipment for your journey of faith.

Never Hike Alone. There is safety hiking as a group, someone is there to help carry your load when you’re weak, someone tell you when you need to stop and rest or someone to grasp your hand when your feet begin to slip. Hiking through life is no different; there are times when we all need help from a friend.
At the BICF we strive to be “Relationship Oriented”. We would like to help you find friends that will walk alongside you through the ups and downs of your life’s journey.

Treat your injuries While backpacking it’s not uncommon to become injured. Most injuries whether serious or not, are best cared for by someone else other than yourself. Have you ever tried to bandage your own finger? It’s not easy!
The BICF has First Aid available for you. If you have been emotionally wounded or you’re struggling with a destructive habit come and receive First Aid. There is wellness and healing available for you through Jesus Christ. You’ll find at the BICF Counseling Center a supportive friend and wise counsel that will help you successfully hike through life’s tough terrain.

For more information, contact: men(a)